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Buenos Aires, Argentina

If there is one thing you could do on a vacation, it should probably be a weeklong trip to Buenos Aires. Everything you look forward in a vacation is present here and it is guaranteed that you would have an absolute fun time
Being the capital city and the most popular place of Argentina, Buenos Aires has its own specialty for its culture and tradition. This multicultural city is filled with people from different regions based on different cultural background. The climate at this place is awesome and best during the winter as it is not more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. During summer, the temperature would be around 50°F. Soccer and architecture is what makes this place in Argentina, what it is. The entire city is located on the shores of Rio de la Plata, an inlet formed at the junction of Parana and Uruguay rivers. It is highly considered as a river body by most of Argentina.

Places to Visit

This place is the one stop destination where you must head to if you are looking for best accommodations. Also, this place being the safest place of entire city, it has a lot to do during the day and night. People head here for sightseeing and to have a happy time with their family.
Puerto Madero
If there is one place you should head for living the life of luxury and comfort, it is here. This is the most modest part of the entire city. Majority of the urban class population, live at this place. It is situated in front of the major river portions of the Rio de la Plata. The best part about this place is the buildings and infrastructure. Simply walking through the streets in the place, would make you feel rich and classy.
La Boca
If you see any video where a boy probably runs through streets that have buildings painted in yellow, orange and a variety of colors, tackling a football; it would have been probably shot here. This place gives you a tango feel for its brightly colored building located next to the old port of Buenos Aires. If you are a football fan, missing out this place would be life-time regret.

Best Time To Visit

Any place you visit gets its beauty only at a particular period. Visiting places based on such time periods is important as you get to see the entire atmosphere and ambience of this place only during its season. Similarly, Buenos Aires also has a best time for visit.
Guess the awesome thing about Buenos Aires? It is exactly opposite to the regular climatic conditions over the world. During the period of October and November, you could get to see the bloom of Jacarnda trees that are something unique and of special regard in Buenos Aires. However, During March to May when the fall season starts, it is most advisable to visit this place.

Airports in Buenos Aires, Argentina

6.83 miles: Buenos Aires, Argentina (AEP / SABE) Jorge Newbery Airfield
24.2 miles: Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE / SAEZ) Ministro Pistarini International Airport
11.18 miles: Buenos Aires, Argentina (BUE) Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area
13.0 miles: El Palomar, Argentina (SADP / EPA) El Palomar Airport
19.88 miles: San Fernando de la Buena Vista, Argentina (FDO / SADF) San Fernando Airport

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